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February 21, 2022

Owing to Contomobile digital solutions, now RATO Credit Union customers will be able to make payments easier

The RATO Credit Union and the Lithuanian FinTech company Contomobile have started cooperating for the development of the RATO’s digital services. Contomobile, a provider of payment initiation and other electronic financial services, will integrate solutions for both the borrowers and the businesses using the RATO’s services. The company assures that the innovation will save the customers’ time and ease the use of online solutions.

Facilitating of monthly payments’ transferring

The borrowers, who transfer their payments to the RATO on monthly basis, will indeed be delighted by the simplified payment process. The Contomobile has integrated a payment button into the e-mails sent by the RATO to its customers as a reminder of the awaiting payment. Owing to this integration of Conto QuickPay payments, a unique payment reference is automatically generated for each customer, so the recipient of the letter only has to click the button and confirm the payment.

Jurgita Bliumin, Deputy Head of the RATO Credit Union Administration, says that the integration of the button into the e-mails will help the customers pay their monthly payments on time and speed up the entire payment process.

“Not all customers of credit unions get regular incomes to their personal accounts with these institutions, so their monthly instalments cannot be debited automatically. From time to time, this results in delays in receiving the instalments because the customers need more time to make a bank transfer each month and may forget to do it. We want to make this process easier, so thanks to Contomobile, we have implemented a solution that is considered a good practice – a reminder payment button right in the e-mail letter. By clicking this button, the customers are immediately switched to the secure payment window, where they can confirm their payment, just as they would confirm any payment for a purchase,” commented J. Bliumin.

“All the innovations we use in our activities are customer-oriented. In this case, we hope that the RATO’s customers will appreciate our efforts to simplify the entire credit obtaining process as much as possible – from the submission of the application to the transfer of instalments,” added the RATO representative.

Popular electronic solutions for business customers

Another digital solution used by the RATO Credit Union is intended for the union’s customers managing e-shops. From now on, they will be able to collect payments online using the Conto QuickPay payment initiation service provided by the Contomobile. It is a rapidly growing popular solution that companies tend to choose to instantly receive customer payments.

“The payment initiation service is versatile and easily adapted to the needs of modern clients, as it allows making payments quickly, securely, and conveniently. Any business, collecting funds from customers, benefits from a payment initiation service, since it costs less than usual transfers, and functions smoothly and reliably. We are glad that cooperation with the RATO Credit Union allows us to implement innovative and customer-friendly ideas,” said Jelena Mikhailova, CEO of the Contomobile.

Implementing of the company’s vision

Owing to the cooperation between the RATO Credit Union and the Contomobile, the implemented solutions expand the range of the RATO’s services for the credit union to become a specialized bank. The RATO Credit Union introduced the first in Lithuania credit union mobile app, SEPA instant payments, and remote customer identification. According to the company’s representative, the RATO Credit Union constantly invests in the development of the services that would be convenient and necessary for the customers and seek for the optimal operational risk management measures.

“Consistent work, customer satisfaction, and steady business development allow us to expand our circle of customers and provide them with quality banking services while maintaining the principles of customer proximity. Taking into account the different financial needs of customers, the development of digital services and channels in the RATO Credit Union is carried out for the balance of real benefits for customers,” said J. Bliumin.